We’re moving

Happy Saturday! I’ve finally taken the leap and purchased my very own domain name. Yeah, I know what you’re thinking, I’m a big girl now! Well it’s true. All future posts will be on www.girlavantgarde.com. Same content, just a little prettier. Come on over!


Courtney aka girlavantgarde

Life Lately

{Few things say summer like a bunch of sunflowers}

Well, that was the quickest Friday that ever approached. This past week was busy, as usual, but with a mid-week mix of fun and relaxation. Tomorrow, we’ll be having a barbecue, and while the boys are in charge of the grill, I’ll likely take the lead with fruit and desserts, which will keep me busy for a while. And then there is Sunday, a day where I simply have nothing planned. (Aren’t those the best?) I think some hot tubbing and pink lemonades are in order. Until then, here are some photos from my life as of late.

{Bracelet party on my arm}

{Dark shadows behind my white wine}

{Pretty things bath side}

{Bright lights, big city}

Funk and color

Sunnies – Banana Republic | Dress – Forever 21 | Sandals – Necessary Clothing | Earrings – Forever 21 | Nails – Essie, Fifth Avenue | Watch – Fendi (similar here) | Purse – Gucci

 Yesterday was a HOT one here in New York. I felt like walking around the city in a bathing suit. Granted I’d fit in with the eccentric people around these parts, but god knows that would be inappropriate. Instead, I hit the Independence Day sales in a comfortable maxi, flat sandals, and a small Gucci messenger bag. To jazz it up a bit, I paired it with some crazy, colorful feather earrings. Afterwards, Josh and I went to the movie theater and saw Ted (hilarious). And now, Friday is around the corner. Oh, how this week is flying!

The Fourth of July

I love everything to do with the fourth – red, white and blue (like the colors featured in these photos of Ralph Lauren window displays), barbecues, and most of all a long weekend. So, you could say I was slightly annoyed when I realized that July 4th fell on a Wednesday this year. Which weekend would I celebrate? Why couldn’t I get a loooong weekend off? But, after all that whining, which I tend to do without thinking through, I’ve come to the realization that a mid-week break isn’t so bad after all. And so, today, I’ll be sleeping late, eating American food all day, and watching the fireworks in New York City. Happy Fourth of July!

July 4th Sugar Cookies

I get all patriotic this time of year. I’ve always been a fan of the nautical trend, and July 4th is another excuse to wear navy and stripes. In addition to my personal style, my baking shows hints of red, white, and blue. Yesterday, to celebrate the Fourth, I baked sugar cookies for Josh, the family, and maybe our neighbors and co-workers (if we have extra). We’ll be eating them throughout the week. Considering the chaotic schedule I’ve been juggling lately, I took a tip from Sandra Lee and whipped up some “semi-homemade cookies”. I used a sugar cookie dough from Pillsbury and a star cookie cutter. Baked the cookies at 350 degrees for 10 minutes, and topped with royal icing (following this recipe) and creating a striped design.

Lady in red

 {Dress – Forever 21 | Necklace – Ann Taylor, earrings here | Bracelet – Unknown | Shoes – Zara, similar here | Clutch – Tory Burch}

One fine day, on an impulse trip to Forever 21, I picked up this little number. Like most everything in Forever 21, the price was hard to resist. I didn’t realize though how much use I’d get out of it. It’s so comfortable, not too short or too long, and hugs in all the right places. It’s a go to for dinner dates with Josh and many a summer night out. After reading a Cosmo article on unique color combinations, this time around, I decided to pair the red with a statement turquoise and white necklace, and nude (never let me down) pumps.

Life Lately

{Small details that make my swimsuit, like these tiger eyes}

I’m so happy it’s finally Friday that I could sing! (But even if I could put you through that torture, I wouldn’t dare.) This week has been so incredibly stressful and I’m just so excited to sit back and relax for a minute. I still have a tedious list of to dos, which Siri has been constantly reminding me about in her obnoxious, auto-tuned voice. Still, I’ll try to move at an earthly pace, enjoy the beautiful summer sun, and appreciate the little things (like these photos) which put a smile on my face. Happy Friday!

{Shake Shack in Madison Square Park – the yummiest}

{Yes, I have funny looking toes. But pretty shoes}

{Sweet stationary on my desk}

Bow tied

{Blouse – Club Monaco | Pants – Ann Taylor | Necklace – F21, also love this | Bracelets – Jcrew (stores only) , David Yurman (love this) | Watch – Michael Kors | Heels – (mom’s closet) | Toes – this color }

Put me in a skirt or dress, and I am the most comfortable. I take heat for wearing heels to law school, and if I could get away with bows in my hair, they’d be there (okay, maybe not that last part). Still, needless to say, jeans are not really my thing. I have a difficult time figuring out which will look the most flattering and which I’ll be the most comfortable in. But I worked up the courage to spice up my wardrobe and get into this colored denim trend that’s all the rave. I took the dive with these red denim jeans from Ann Taylor and paired them with a girly top and heels, adding a little bit of “me” to an otherwise “not me” outfit.

DIY: Rhinestone wrap (friendship) bracelet

{What you’ll need: about 4 ft of leather cord, about 14 in. of rhinestone chain, about 6 ft of waxed cotton cord, large bead}

Sparkly wrap bracelets have been popping up amongst the most fashionable New Yorkers lately. Anthropologie has a cute version. Still, I was feeling a bit Martha Stewert-esque and decided I’d try my hand at making my own. Back in my teenage years I loved making friendship bracelets and playing with lanyard. So why not? In consequence, I made this rhinestone wrap bracelet (similar to this beaded one) in all of ten minutes and with less than $10.

Fold leather cord in half, and leaving a loop at the end (this will act as a close along with the bead) wrap cotton cord around about five times.

Place rhinestone chain in between leather cords and tightly wrap cotton cord around the leather and between the rhinestones. Add bead at end for closure.

And here you go!

Paired with a hair tie (oops) and silver bracelet.

Apple bottom

{ Peplum Blouse – Banana Republic | Skirt – Banana Republic, similar look here and here | Necklace – Forever 21, similar from here  | Bracelet – Forever 21, also love this and this  | Watch – Michael Kors | Heels – Christian Dior from here  (loving these too) | Purse – Botkier (similar here) | Nails – Essie Cute as a Button}

It’s difficult to find comfortable working attire and still feel chic when you have an apple bottom like me. Combine womanly curves, with the awful heat surrounding the summer solstice, and the task of feeling comfortable seems almost impossible. But then there is my dear friend peplum. Like any reasonable girl, at first I thought that added material around my waistline would scream fashion crime. Still, against my better instinct, and ready to make faces at the dressing room mirror, I tried on this lacy peplum top. And then, surprisingly, I loved the result. The entire effect makes my Kim Kardashian butt look a little bit smaller. Paired together with a tweed skirt, and classic red Dior heels, I headed to work.

On my playlist: Lana Del Rey, Video Games (Club Clique Remix)